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3 stretches to improve your posture


Spending too much sitting at your PC or driving? Chances are, your shoulder mobility won’t be great. Your pecs will shorten, pulling your shoulders forward and giving you a round-shouldered appearance. As an osteopath, I find this characteristic posture- called Upper Cross Syndrome- can lead to all sorts of issues in my patients, including shoulder and neck pain, headaches, shallow breathing and sluggish digestion.

Here’s a link to three exercises put together by the lovely people at Gymnastic Bodies, to help you stretch out the tight muscles at the front of your chest, and strengthen the weakened, achey ones behind your shoulder-blades. The exercises will have the added effect of improving your posture!

As with any stretching, make sure you are warmed up, and start very gently. If in doubt, book in for a treatment and I’ll be happy to assess you and advise you further.

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