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Osteopaths treat the whole body, not just backs…

When I mention that I’m an osteopath, many people say “oh, that’s to do with fixing backs, isn’t it?”. Its true, but that’s only a small part of the story: while I do have great success with alleviating back pain, my working day can involve treating any part of the b…

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Fed Up With Painkillers?

Have you been taking painkillers for a musculoskeletal complaint for more than a month? Would you rather find a natural cure for your aches and pains? In a survey of 1700 osteopathic patients, a whopping 96% were satisfied or very satisfied with their care. If you’ve n…

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10 reasons why good sleep habits will improve your health

In this short video from TechInsider, Professor Matthew Walker, director of the Centre For Human Sleep Science, explains how your sleep habits can seriously impact your mental and physical health- including affecting your risk of Alzheimers, heart attack, stroke and e…

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3 stretches to improve your posture

Spending too much sitting at your PC or driving? Chances are, your shoulder mobility won’t be great. Your pecs will shorten, pulling your shoulders forward and giving you a round-shouldered appearance. As an osteopath, I find this characteristic posture- called Upper C…

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