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Gut bacteria: your “second brain”

Just how much do you know about your gut bacteria, and why is it important anyway?

Our intestines are filled with huge numbers of bacteria. Just like animals, bacteria can be classified into many different species, and each individual gut is home to a unique ‘mix’ of th…

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5 ways to improve your health over Christmas

As an osteopath, my patients often ask me for advice about what they can do at home to improve their overall health and mobility. Here, I’ve put together 5 simple ways you can beat the winter blues and feel amazing to boot!

1. Drink more water. You hear it all the time,…

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What is diaphragmatic breathing?

The benefits of correct diaphragmatic breathing have been extolled by yoga and meditation teachers for years, but a recent study has highlighted how much your breathing affects your brain and emotions:

So what…

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