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Running Gait Analysis: Improve Your Form and Prevent Injuries with Bath Spa Osteopathy

Improve Your Running Form and Efficiency

Do you want to find out how to improve your running form and efficiency, or need to identify the root cause of your persistent running injury?

A running gait analysis can help with both of these questions, but the quality of the analysis and subsequent advice can vary widely, depending on who you choose. Read on to find out more.

What is a Running Gait Analysis?

Gait analysis looks at the biomechanics of the body during the running gait cycle, usually using slow-motion video technology to assess your running. Done well, it will cover all aspects of individual flexibility, balance, strength, cadence, foot strike, and optimal body positioning. It can identify areas of weakness and instability which might be causing pain, as well as provide valuable tips on improving your run speed and efficiency with drills to improve foot strike, cadence, and more.

Who Can Benefit from Gait Analysis?

Any runner who wants to improve their speed and efficiency, and runners experiencing niggles, pain, and injuries – including shin splints, stress fractures, ankle sprains, tendinopathy, and low back pain when running. You do not need to be an experienced athlete or fast runner to benefit from a gait analysis – being taught how to run well with good form, and catching any niggles early, will keep you running free of injury and enjoying your running for years to come.

Will Running Gait Analysis Help Find the Cause of Persistent Sports Injuries?

Yes! Gait analysis done properly will identify the root cause of your pain – and give you the drills, stretches, and strengthening you need to fix it for good. Whatever running injury you are suffering with – such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy, knee problems, or low back pain while running, Marianne has been able to help hundreds of sports people get back to doing what they love by identifying the root problem and working holistically with whole-body strength and flexibility issues.

Why Choose Bath Spa Osteopathy for Your Running Gait Analysis?

Marianne Carpenter is a multi-award-winning registered osteopath and sports therapist in Bath. She is also a keen athlete, winning both the 2023 World and European Championships in duathlon (run-bike-run). She is in a unique position to combine her extensive osteopathic knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics with her understanding of rehab, running injuries, and high-level training. Your gait analysis will be carried out by a runner who is also a musculoskeletal expert (osteopaths receive 4 years of full-time undergraduate training). Marianne has completed further post-grad training at Keele Medical School and taught anatomy at Swansea Medical School for three years, so it’s fair to say she knows her stuff!

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